• Our Vision & Values

    We’re reshaping the way we think about self and community, developing a fairer system for all in a way that brings communities together and builds resilience for dealing with the issues of the 21st Century.

Our Vision

Our aim is to redefine our relationship with each other – the way we live, work, play, and become a community – by focusing on education, local issues and the distribution of wealth, investment and resources. We also want to ensure that the communities we serve are resilient and are able to bounce back no matter the problems that they face. By working together in balance, we can secure Equitable Living for Self, Community and Environment

Community lead Grassroots organisation

Ears close to the ground, nimble and response action-based organisation

Local solutions for local people with local problems

Real Issues with Real Solutions for Real People

Working in Partnership with the Community & Local Businesses

Understanding the intrinsic link between Self-interest, opportunity and Social Change and how they impact us, our life chances and our Environment

Effect real Social Change & Mobility through Social Enterprise

To see the changes we want in our Society and to ensure people have the life chances for Social Mobility we need to rethink how businesses work within our communities. Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment

Our Values

For Me to Win You don’t have to Lose

For Me to win at Life, should not come at the expense of You having to Lose. Resetting the way we Live, Work and Play within our communities and Environment

Equitable Living for Self, Community and Environment

To affect real Social Change for Self & Community we need to understand that, education, opportunities, wealth, investments and resources must be distributed in an Equitable way which does not harm others or the Environment. The aim is to live in balance with a combined goal of Social change & Mobility through Social Enterprise for development of self and community while protecting our local area and Environment

Zero Discrimination

Everyone is welcome and equal with no room for judgmental behaviour as we work together towards our common Community Goals


Ensuring development of Self, Community and Environment is done respectfully with our wellbeing at the forefront of our approach and projects and maintaining mindfulness for each other

Zero Negativity

Creating an environment where self-doubt and external criticism are removed from the equation to foster a positive self-fulfilling reality that is for the benefit of all


Everything that we do for Self, Community and the Environment should come from a place of Love. Self-Love, Love for our Community that we live together within and Love for our Planet and Environment as there is no Plan B